Kindergarten students are introduced to firefighters as your friends in their community, and to the characters used in the School Fire Education program. For this age group, parents and caregivers are still the best people to make sure that children are safe from fire.

The class is provided with colouring books and firefighter dress up gear to introduce them to home fire safety concepts in a fun, engaging way. 

Formal lessons are not delivered by the firefighters. Instead, kindergarten students are provided with free giveaways that introduce them to home fire safety concepts in a fun, engaging way.

We encourage the teachers to use the colouring book, the firefighter dress up gear and our story book to engage children in thinking about home fire safety and the role firefighters as helpers in their community.

The resources include some of the key home fire safety messages that the children will learn about when they participate in the School Fire Education program from Prep to grade 6.

At home and at school, responsible adults can reassure children that they have a plan and will take care of them if there is a fire.

These example resources are used and distributed in Kindergarten classrooms by the School Fire Education Instructors.

Kindergarten ressources

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