By identifying fire hazards in and around the home and then eliminating risks as much as possible, we can work together to assist people be safer in their home.

The intent is to reduce fire deaths, injuries and property damage due to home fires and accidents.

Eligibility Criteria

There are a number of questions to be completed by the referring agent as part of the screening for eligibility of the program. This ensures this targeted, and funding limited, program is reaching the most ‘at risk’.

If the application is not accepted in the screening process, the referring agent will be contacted to explain why the client is not eligible, or to seek clarification for eligibility.

The person being referred must be a ‘client’ of an aged, community health and disability service/agency and have no other reasonable means of installing smoke alarm/s themselves i.e. family, friends, fire safety business or a home maintenance service.

Once an application is accepted the client will be contacted about when a home fire safety check will best suit them. This check concludes with a fire safety report.

This report may have identified hazards or fire safety issues that will need to be followed up by the referring agent. If a smoke alarm/s is installed at the time of the home fire safety check, it will be the responsibility of the client, and/or the referring agency/service, to make sure smoke alarm/s are regularly maintained and/or replaced if faulty or past the expiration date.

Referral to Fire Safe at Home does not transfer responsibility for identified client risk.

For more information about Fire Safe at Home go to or contact the Coordinator Home Fire Risk Mitigation on 1800 000 699

Please advise the Fire Safe at Home Coordinator Home Fire Risk Mitigation by email if your client’s details change (i.e. change of address, cease being a client etc.) this will help to ensure that the database of participating households is kept up-to-date.

Personal information collected from referrals to Fire Safe at Home is secure, confidential and is not shared with other agencies without permission from the client. Security of information is in accordance with the DPFEM Personal Information Management Guidelines and the DPFEM Information Security Policy.

As the referring agent, do you understand and accept the eligibility criteria?

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